Riikka Kilpeläinen


I'm Riikka Kilpeläinen, a gal with experience and interest in game production, graphics, all things games. I also happen to be the local seamstress and a hardcore naptime enthusiastic.


I enjoy various types of games, mainly PC games. Games like Overwatch, Prison Architect and Don't Starve Together are my precious time wasters. Latest obsession: Minecraft.

Outside of gaming, I enjoy tinkering around with my aquariums, sewing and learning about 3D-graphics. Game jams give me life and allow me to fully exercise my jack-of-all-trades -muscles and love for prototyping.

Other sites & Contact

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn and check out my personal projects on Itch.io, and my portfolio on ArtStation.

Riikka Kilpeläinen