Riikka Kilpeläinen


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences - BBA, Information Technology (2017 - )

Currently, I study game production at KUAS. On top of production and entrepreneur courses, I've also taken a part in game graphics courses like 2D Animation For Games and 3D Character Modelling. More optional courses that I have taken include a week-long Unity 3D intensive, 2 week-long International Game Concept Challenge -contest, 2- and 3-month-long Developing a Commercial Game Application -summer courses.


Board Member at Kajak Games (05/2018 - )

Keeping the vision of Kajak Games clear along with other board members and the chairman. Guiding the operative team and taking a part in the decisions made by the board.

Coach at KUAS - Game Programming Intensive Course (03/06/2018 - 07/06/2019)

During this week-long intensive course, we taught the basics of Unity, game programming and game development. I was one of the two Unity coaches, and our job was to create the course materials, a learning schedule and be there for the students and help them with their projects. I found out that I enjoy teaching people and helping them with their first experiences in game development.

Kajak Art team lead at Kajak Games (12/2018 - 05/2019)

During my time as the art lead, the team produced assets for the Unity Asset Store. It was my job to organize team meetings, keep the scope in check and handle the contracts with Kajak Games. We published an asset pack, which can be found here.

Producer/Designer club at KUAS (09/2018 - 05/2019)

I'm one of the club organizers that ran ProduSigner club at KUAS during my second year. We held weekly lectures/workshops where we teach the freshmen about game production and design. We also organize the appearance of guest speakers who are wither older students or industry professionals. The subjects taught vary from team management, publishing your first game to basic of different agile methods.

Partnership manager at Northern Game Summit (12/2017 - 05/2018)

As a partnership manager, my job included things like contacting potential partners, handling partnership negotiations and ordering of the staff uniforms. I learned a lot about running an event and got to visit other big game events like Nordic Game and Pocket Gamer London.

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