Riikka Kilpeläinen

Korpus: Buried Over the Black Soil (2019)

Art Lead

Production of Korpus: Buried Over the Black Soil started in January 2019 and we're getting ready to launch in early 2020. I've worked as the art lead and occasionally done some bugfixing and special effects on top of 3D assets and managing the art team. The art team has had up to 6 people at a time and we've had people joining and moving on to other projects, so managing each person's workload has been quite the challenge.

Santa's Calendar Gift Throw (12/2018)

Art Lead

I worked as the lead artist in the mobile game Santa's Calendar Gift Throw. I coordinated the work of our four-person team of artists, made backgrounds, other in-game sprites, UI-assets and UI-design. The game was made on UE4 and I made all the in-engine particle effects and animations.

Sabreurs - A Noble Duel (09/2018)


Sabreurs - A Noble Duel was our first game on Steam. Our team had a total of seven people and I handled the production tasks like scheduling, working with our publisher Kajak Games and team management. I also handled the marketing which included handling our Twitter account, contacting influencers, updating the devlog and handling the production of physical promotional assets. VFX and shaders were also my responsibility in this project.

Panic! At The Kitchen (09/2018)


Panic! At The Kitchen was a game made in two weeks for the International Game Concept Challenge with international teams set by the organizers. The game is a 4-player local multiplayer with a heavy emphasis on player communication. Our team had a total of six people. Due to us having only one programmer, I also did some programming like the level randomization, shaders and worked with Unity's NavMesh. VFX, implementing the assets and making colliders was my responsibility. Our team won the challenge, due to the most market potential and refreshing take on the communication between players.